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Explore the broad range of investment options available to help you achieve your retirement goals.

About your investments

Your plan includes a diverse investment lineup, representing a spectrum of asset classes and risk/return characteristics that allow you to tailor your account to help meet your financial goals and investment style.

Fund Fact Sheets are available via the links on this page. They provide details about each fund’s performance, fees and underlying investments.

For additional information on fund performance, please view the Investment Performance for all available investment options in your plan.

Self-Directed Mutual Fund Option

Access to over 15,000 mutual funds from over 400 different mutual families

Through the MTA Deferred Compensation Program, you have the ability to transfer up to 20% of your retirement assets to a Self-Directed Mutual Fund Option. This optional program allows you to invest in an expanded selection of mutual funds through your retirement account. Investing in mutual funds, rather than individual securities, is a strategy many investors employ to help them manage their risk. You should consider this option carefully. Also, a minimum account balance is required for brokerage accounts, and additional fees apply.

Important considerations:

This Option gives experienced investors a potentially higher level of risk, as well as the potential for higher reward. Additional fees also apply.

To learn more about the Self-Directed Mutual Fund Option, call 877-PLN-4MTA (877-756-4682), weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.

Investment disclaimers

All investing involves various risks, including the possible loss of principal. You can lose money by investing in securities.